Introduction to Vaping

If you are new to vaping or simply want to know about e-cigarettes/e-vapes or vaporizers then you will find this section useful and enriching. Every thing you ever wanted to know about vaping is available here to the last detail.

The aim of this section is to help smokers opt for a less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. If you are a smoker and have landed on this page it is evident that you are aware of the many negative effects of traditional cigarettes and how it has taken its toll on your health overtime, although the best course of action would be to quit it may not be that easy to achieve this goal. Thankfully there are many harm reduction products in the market from smoking cessation pills to Nicotine Gums to Nicotine Patches. However the success rate in quitting traditional cigarettes has been the highest with the help of Electronic Cigarettes / Vaporizers. Some of the reasons for its success is largely due to the fact that it replicates smoking in the form of vapor and one can use it with varied flavor of choice and also increase or decrease the nicotine delivery quantity easily.

The Basics of E-Cigarettes/Vaporizers/E-Vapes

E-vapes, Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigs are all basically the same thing, there is no technical difference between them. An E-cig essentially consists of two major components an Atomizer/Clearomizer section and a Mod/Battery. The Atomizer section contains a coil head and a chamber to store the e-liquid. The Mod section provides the necessary power to heat up the coil inside the Atomizer and vaporizes the e-liquid that is in contact with the coil.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are two types of electronic cigarettes/vaporizers. The Automatic Model or the Puff activated e-cigarette and the Manual Model or the Button Activated e-cigarette.
Automatic Electronic Cigarettes

The Automatic or puff activated models are the earliest form of e-cigarettes it consisted of a battery with a sensor and microprocessor inbuilt, once the user takes a puff, the incoming air through the inlet would trigger the sensor activating the battery which in turn heated up the coil and evaporated the contained e-liquid. This model though simple to use lost its effectiveness over time, as the vapor production, sensor activity and delivery was not satisfactory.


Automatic devices
Manual Electronic Cigarettes
The other Variety of e-cigarettes is the Manual or Button operated. These models come with a button which can be manually fired to activate the atomizer. The user in this case keeps the button pressed and simultaneously take the puff from the vaporizer. The battery will in turn heat the Atomizer containing the e-liquid thus vaporizing  it. This model is the most popular amongst the two, and there is a plethora of different evape models built on this mechanism. Do visit the starter kits section on our site to checkout the best and authentic e-cigarette kits of your choice.

Types of E-Cig/E-Vape Starter Kit

The e-cigarette starter Kits can be broadly categorized into Basic Starter Kits and Advanced Starter Kits

Basic Starter Kits
These are simple to use and maintain, the basic e-cig starter kit comes with a single button operation and does not require too much learning to get you started on your vaping journey. The user just needs to fill the device with his choice of e-liquid flavor and strength and start vaping.
Manual devices

Advanced Starter Kits

The Advanced Starter Kit comes with numerous features, giving the user the freedom to customize his/her vaping experience to the fullest. The advanced e-cig starter Kits come with Variable power delivery options along with a digital display to monitor and control the correct settings as per need. The user is able to fine tune his vapor production quantity and quality as per his/her own needs. The manual explaining the various features and how to use them will be found inside the Kits, available at Some of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes today are listed below, click on the logos to select the device that suit your needs. Feel free to contact us if you need any guidance on Kit selection.