Max cream dessert 0mg Aramax 10ml eliquid

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The best is quality is now affordable, Aramax has neatly crafted 15 new top of the line flavors that will leave you asking for more. With a 50:50 PG VG ratio you get more dense vapors and also suitable with any device.

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Max Cream Dessert 0mg


Apple 6mg, Apple 9mg, Berry Mix 6mg, Blueberry 6mg, Blueberry 9mg, Cherry 6mg, Cherry 9mg, Coffee 6mg, Coffee 9mg, Cola 6mg, Cola 9mg, Cuban Cig 12mg, Grape 0mg, Strawberry 0mg, Strawberry 6mg, Two Mints 6mg, Two Mints 9mg, Turkish Tab 12mg, Vanilla 0mg, Vanilla 6mg, Watermelon 6mg, Citrus Mix 6mg, Berry Mix 9mg, Menthol 6mg, Mints 6mg, American Blend 12mg, Grape 6mg, Grape 9mg, Mints 18mg, Mints 9mg, Vanilla 9mg, Red Energy 18mg, Strawberry 9mg, Strawberry 0mg, Apple 0mg, French Pipe 18mg, Cuban Cig 18mg, Cuban Cig 24mg, American Blend 6mg, American Blend 18mg, American Blend 24mg